Proven Benefits of Magnatherapy

• Reduce swelling.
• Calm nervous system.
• Improve circulation.
• Increase tissue oxygenation.
• Promotes restful sleep.
• Increase athletic endurance.

Bioflow® Collars

We sell Bioflow® dog collars, which have been developed specifically for dogs. A CRP (central reverse polarity) magnetic module is attached firmly to a webbing collar that is adjustable up to 30”.

Research projects have proven the importance of maintaining proper electro-conductivity across the body’s cells. There is overwhelming evidence to show that an imbalance in the electro-conductivity of the body’s cells has been present with a variety of conditions including:

Allergies, arthritis, asthma, bone disease, muscle spasm and soft tissue injury, poor cell reproduction, poor circulation, stiffness and slow recovery.

Pain relieving and healing benefits of magnotherapy are the result of a correction in the body’s cells pH levels by electro-conduction induced indirectly by magnetic energy.

Nutriflow® Sachets

Nutriflow® has been formulated for dogs to help maintain the natural pH balance of their body, being essential for their good health and well-being. It is a correctly balanced electrolyte supplement to increase benefits of magnatherapy for dogs.