The pool is situated in a new purpose built unit complete with double glazed windows and doors. It has been designed with the comfort and safety of our clients (canine and human) in mind. The pool room is equipped with dehumidifying and heating equipment. The exercise pool has been planned and constructed to the highest quality and safety standards in conjunction with pool manufacturing experts. All electrical equipment has been NIC tested and approved.

The exercise pool measures 11‘ long x 5‘ wide x 4’ deep and is sunk 50% into the ground so allowing the dog to see the hydrotherapist and owners at a normal walking height. At one end of the pool there are three internal anti-swim jets to create a flow of water, if needed, for the dogs to swim against. The flow of water can be varied from a gentle to a rapid current. The water is heated to a constant temperature of 30ºC (86ºF). Water hygiene is managed by chlorine, a high rate sand filter and a surface mounted skimmer. The pool water is tested and recorded throughout the day to ensure the chemical and pH balance are maintained at the correct levels. Chlorine is used because this has the best resistance to bacteria, therefore the best protection to dogs. Chlorine has been successfully used for over fifteen years in canine pools around the world and has had no adverse effects.

All dogs will have a warm water rinse before and after swimming in the shower area. Entry and exit into the water is by the use of an electric hoist. The dogs are secured by a specially designed body sling, and are gently lifted in and out of the water. The sling has been manufactured in a strong mesh fabric allowing water to pass through. The sling is attached to the hoist via a two pronged spreader to give optimum balance. After the swim the dogs will be aqua towelled and blow dried using our drying facilities. Owners are asked to bring a towel for their dog. Coats can be available to rent or buy.